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Την ταινία INsurgents μού θύμισε η φάση.
Τηλεκατευθυνόμενα ρομπότ ανδροειδή. Είναι θέμα bandwidth.

The Beam was designed as a video conferencing tool, allowing instant, face-to-face communication—kind of like FaceTime or Skype, except you can drive the screen on legs around the room remotely, with a keyboard. It could one day become much more.

Right now, the action the Beam offers is still rudimentary: moving around a flat, uncomplicated space. The most obvious application is working from home: the Beam store in Palo Alto is staffed by people beaming in from around the country. Real estate agents give tours, business executives visit factories, people go to conferences, all on the Beam, according to a report in Time.

One day, we might even be able to beam up to a space station, orbiting Earth. If “here” is anywhere, why not up there?

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Human embryos kept alive in lab for unprecedented 13 days so scientists can watch development